Boulder City Adventures is now a Magazine…

Boulder City Adventures Couples Retreat since 2014 in now a Magazine…

We’re your main resource for touring Boulder City, Hoover Dam, area Gold Mines and enjoying Live Music and events for small groups and couples…

Our Mission – On a worldwide level!

Introducing those who seek to learn about the outdoors with those who have the knowledge!

About Us – Boulder City Adventures is designed to support small groups and couples at seek the highest level of professionalism and one-on-one service from a destination location adventures firm.

Boulder City Adventures is a free service of the International Outdoors Chamber of Commerce, LLC and the University of Business Ambassadors, LLC. 

Boulder City Adventures started out as an idea of Mr. M. Kameron Hawkins when he stayed sometime in Boulder City, NV back in 2012 and sometime later.

By 2014 Boulder City Adventures was a word of mouth information guide.

By 2016 Boulder City Adventures became a business and joined the Boulder City Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Hawkins informed Brina Marcus with the Chamber of Commerce and Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon about how Boulder City is becoming an Adventure Destination Location not just a Tourism Destination because of Hover Dam. Mr. Hawkins was glad to know Marcus has been working with so many others that have come and gone over the years, since she started with Flightlinez in 2009. “Maybe you’ll be the one that makes it happen?” said Marcus to Hawkins.

Well all of the credit goes to both Flightlines and the Chamber of Commerce by understanding the value of Brina Marcus.

Note: The Great Basin Highway Magazine… Encompasses Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, and the Sierra Nevada’s of California.

Published – Mr. Hawkins quarterly Great Basin  Highway Adventure Destination, Tourism and Economic Development Magazine for Apr/Jun Volume 1 Number 1 in 2019.

The Great  Basin Highway Magazine received and read Worldwide online and/or in print by 1.4 million Americans living abroad in 160+ counties and 800k in the United States of America alone with 120k+ in Clark County, NV plus 180k+ in the Great Basin Area from day one. Opt in no cost subscriptions came in from Mr. Hawkins companies in Arizona and Washington D.C.

Announced in the Great Basin Highway Magazine Jan/Mar Volume 2 Number 1 in 2020.  Boulder  City Adventures Magazine. The first of many Small Town Adventure Destination, Tourism and Economic Development areas publications to join Great Basin Highway Magazine’s family of media and printing company.

Boulder City Adventures Magazine showcasing local resources and events only in Boulder City, NV.  The first edition is the Apl/Jun Volume 1 Number 1 in 2020.

This is a very special publication for Nevada in many ways.

Advertisers can choose to make their payment out to Boulder City Adventures or Vote for Hawkins. Either way it’s an advertising expense or political donation.

If you didn’t know Mr. M. Kameron Hawkins our founder is running for Lieutenant Governor of Nevada – Hawkins For Nevada.

All support and thank you goes to:

International Outdoors Chamber of Commerce is known as a Worldwide Event Planning, Coordinator & Consulting Firm supporting those who support others…

Serving as the planer, coordinator and consultant for charity fundraisers, corporate and socials events worldwide. Supporting business associations, trade association, chambers of commerce with their social events and fundraisers.

University of Business Ambassadors, LLC since the 90’s cross markets businesses that provide resources based on applied knowledge with those who seek to gain more insight.

M. Kameron Hawkins

M. Kameron Hawkins
Chairman & Founder (Volunteer)
Retired US Navy (Disabled Veteran)

Boulder City Adventures
PO Box 60831
Boulder City, NV 89006

Boulder City Adventures has no fees or charges for their services.

M. Kameron Hawkins is running for Lieutenant Governor of Nevada.

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